Climbing challenges the individual physically and mentally very quickly. GSN has chosen climbing as one of its main sports because it very easily fits into its tagline of “Building Champions”. No matter what physical level you may be at, climbing will challenge you further, and the mental exercises in each climbing session will evidently cause you to be strengthened in a holistic manner. Not only will there be challenges for each individual, climbing is also good physical exercise and lots of fun. The best part about climbing is that you don’t realise the extent of physical and mental exercise you are going through simply because you are having FUN all the time.
GSN Climbing Club is open
every Tuesday (5.000pm-7.30pm)
Thursday (5.00pm-7.30pm)
and Saturday (4.30pm-7.30pm) 

@ Kompleks Belia dan Sukan, Batu Uban, Penang

If you are interested to join us for climbing, click here and drop us a line. Membership details as shown below.

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GSN Climbing Club Rates

GSN Climbing and Bouldering Wall at Promenade 28

Our climbing and bouldering wall at Promenade 28

Outdoor Session at Jesselton

We organize outdoor rock climbing for our members throughout the year

Our weekly session at Komplex Belia

GSN Climbing Tours

GSN Climbing Club organizes climbing tours for our members

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