Spearhead Floorball Club once again participated in the annual prestigious Penang Floorball League organized by the Penang Floorball Association. This year was another exciting year for floorball!

Spearhead sent two teams this year, one men’s team in Division 1 and one women’s team for the Ladies Division.

The Spearhead Girls Team.

The tournament was tough but nonetheless a good learning experience for both the teams as a whole. The Men’s team played hard throughout the league but the teams were strong in the league. The men’s team finished fifth place this year with 2 points. The girls had a great outing this year, sealing four league wins and finishing second placing in the league with a total of 8 points.

Moreover, Nathalynn Lim and Jessie Lim of Spearhead Girls Team were awarded the All-Star Player Award! Congratulations to these two gems!

Jessie Lim (far left) and Nathalynn Lim (second from left) were awarded All-Star Player!

Every year, whether you win or you lose, there’s always something to learn from the experience of playing and growing together as a team. That is what we seek to do here in GSN, to build champions through the victories and even the defeats.

Spearhead Floorball Club in the Penang Floorball League 2013

The annual Inter-school competition organized by the Penang Floorball Association known as Kejohanan Floorball Sekolah Pulau Pinang (KFSPP) ended last Saturday with GSN adopted schools finishing strong in various categories. GSN adopted floorball schools are SMK Bukit Jambul (BJ), SMK Convent Greenlane (CGL), Chung Ling High (CLH) and SMK Sungai Nibong (SN). All of these schools participated in KFSPP 2012.

This year’s KFSPP saw a growth of participating teams with the latest inclusion of Chung Ling High and SMK Sungai Nibong. It was also encouraging to see the intensity of the competition rising to a whole new level. It was a tight competition with almost every team coming head-to-head in each match.  BJ sent 3 teams in total (Boys U-15 team, Boys U-18 team and Girls team), CL sent 1 Boys U-18 team, CGL sent 2 Girls teams, SMK Sungai Nibong sent 2 teams (1 Boys U-15 team and 1 Girl team). In total, GSN sent 8 teams for this year’s KFSPP!

BJ Boys U-15 team managed to fight their way through into the final of the U-15 category facing Saint Xavier Institution (SXI). It was an epic final that made the whole stadium go frenzy. BJ took a far lead with 4-1 by the last 10 minutes of the match. SXI didn’t give up and pounced back 4-4 by the last 5 minutes of the match! By then, the crowd were on their feet anxious to the very last second of the match. Immediately after SXI scored the equalizer, BJ fought back another inch with another goal! 5-4! With just 2 minutes left on the clock, SXI pulled their goalkeeper out of the court and put an extra player in to have a power play against BJ. BJ took advantaged of that and scored another goal! BJ won 6-4 by the end of the final whistle. A really hard fought victory. SXI is truly a formidable opponent.

BJ Boys U-18 faced almost similar fate in the U-18 category final match. The final saw a somewhat rematch between BJ vs SXI. The atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying and intense even before the match began! Both teams were desperate and hungry to win. BJ took an early head-start by scoring early in the game. 1-0 to BJ. SXI kept coming with their sharp and skilled forwards. The first period ended with BJ taking a narrow lead. The second period saw BJ once again taking another lead by scoring their second goal. But time was still in the hand of SXI. A penalty was awarded to SXI as one of BJ defenders used his hand to block a goal-bound ball. But BJ’s keeper, Mohd Idham who was eventually awarded the All-Star Goalkeeper, stood firm and saved the shot by Tristan James, also eventually voted as an All-Star Forward. SXI came back in the last 5 minutes with a goal. 2-1. In the final 3 minutes, the intensity grew a notch higher as SXI pulled out their goalkeeper and put in an extra men, just like how they played during the U-15 match. Great effort but by then, the final was blown and BJ emerged as champion! If only there’s place for two teams to be champion, SXI would have surely been there together with BJ. What a play from the SXI boys!

The Girls category was interesting as well. BJ Girls rose to the occasion and looked deadly throughout the competition. They met reigning champion for KFSPP Girls Category, Methodist Girls School (MGS) in the final match. MGS took a considerably early lead in the final match. BJ seemed under pressure as their players couldn’t execute the same game play which they did in the group stages. However, by the end of the 1st period, BJ managed to come back into the game with Jessie Lim scoring the equalizer. What a relief. The second period saw MGS pushing hard into BJ’s half. Numerous shots were taken and likewise from BJ. However, both teams just could not convert those goal-scoring opportunity. The referee blew the final whistle and the score leveled at 1-1. It’s all down to penalty shootouts. Both MGS and BJ looked nervous and tense. Only one could emerge as the winnner, alas, it was MGS. Once again, they sealed victory in the Girls Category, securing their position as the reigning champion. Nonetheless, great effort from BJ Girls! CGL also did really well in the Girls category. They finished 3rd place after facing Hamid Khan Girls in the 3rd placing match.

Chung Ling High and SMK Sungai Nibong both did really well considering that it’s their first outing. SMK Sungai Nibong did exceptionally well with only about 1-2 weeks of training. Although they didn’t really win many matches, their spirits are high and they played with positive character. These two teams are definitely a potential threat in the near future.

Looking at how KFSPP 2012 ended, it’s truly a year of abundance for GSN. Yes, we managed to win medals for the schools. Yet, the abundance we have this year is beyond that. It’s the growth of the players, the relationship that’s been built between coaches and players, the character of players that has been molded into positive energy. Those are the things that matters most.

Medals and trophies are bonuses. The real trophy is always the process of growing, toiling, losing, winning, crying, laughing and cheering together as a team. Champions are not built upon medals and trophies, they are built upon firm, strong, positive, inspiring and contagious character.

To all the champions out there, keep up the good work and let’s continue building champions! 😉