GSN Team

GSN Climbing Team

GSN has a pool of dynamic, energetic and passionate team of people who are ready to serve and build champions in the community.


[fontpress type=”inherited” size=”100%” lh=”100%” color=”#FF0000″]Christopher Koh[/fontpress] Head Coordinator

He is the leader of the team that keeps the team together and carries the vision to reach to the communities out there. He has a big heart in raising people up to their fullest potential. He also oversees the floorball department of GSN. Chris is a sporty, loves music and have a heart to reform negative culture to positive ones.


[fontpress type=”inherited” size=”100%” lh=”100%” color=”#FF0000″]Chiam Ter Min[/fontpress] Asst. Coordinator

He is the assistant coordinator who helps in the development of GSN community arm. He is a young but enthusiastic guy who has a big heart for poverty-stricken communities. A fantastic floorball player himself, he has been interviewed by RTM2. Ter Min is also very sporty by nature, adventurous and have a soft-spot for kids.


[fontpress type=”inherited” size=”100%” lh=”100%” color=”#FF0000″]Kenny Khoo[/fontpress] Head of Football

He is the head of the Football Department in GSN, overseeing the development of football. Kenny has also represented Malaysia in Floorball at the Asia Pacific Floorball Championship. He is friendly, very easy to get along with and very creative in art and designing.


[fontpress type=”inherited” size=”100%” lh=”100%” color=”#FF0000″]Edward Lim[/fontpress] Head of Climbing

He is the advisor as well as one of the founding members of GSN. He is also the head of the Climbing Department in GSN. He also pioneered floorball in Penang. He loves adventure and trying out new sports with a passion to raise leaders anywhere and everywhere he can.


[fontpress type=”inherited” size=”100%” lh=”100%” color=”#FF0000″]Travis[/fontpress] Asst. Climbing

He is an American who has been living in Penang for almost 10 years now. He is an experienced rock climber and a talented artist. He loves Penang food and has a vision to reform cultures and reach out to communities in need.