Our Values


Who We Are

Gateway Sports Network (GSN) was birthed in October 2009 with a team of people who were passionate about using sports to “build champions”. We understand the power sports has in moulding teams to greater effectiveness and unity, in developing positive character and in empowering and motivating individuals to greater heights. As such, we seek to build champions through the means of sports and team-building events!


Why Sports?

We believe sports is one of the many paragons of communicators. Sports has the power to engage, to educate and to encourage people in ways that are nonpareil by any other medium.

Organizations who understand the value of sports and team-building events know the power it has to bring their people together in alignment with their vision and direction. It has the potential to synergize their corporate energy and propel them to greater heights.



To provide engaging, educating and empowering sports and team-building events with utmost excellence for any organization that would serve and benefit their unique needs.



GSN aims to use sports as a relevant approach to build relational connections across every generation; empowering, educating and encouraging people from all walks of life to be a Champion. We seek to:

  • LOVE: To love and serve the people that we are connected with.

  • LEAD: To lead people to a positive change and to grow leaders to do likewise.

  • LINK: To link people, organizations and communities to foster a partnership that can potentially cause an explosion of positive change in societies nationwide.